Viewing Movies With 3D Glasses – How Does That Work?

Watching in a movie theater and the reasons why people wear 3D Glasses is to feed different and various images into their eyes. When you wear 3D Glasses watching a movie which is also a 3D Movie then, it displays two images, which the glasses cause one of the images to enter on one eye and the other to enter the other eye.

Most of the people viewing movies, especially children, have been very fascinated and mesmerized by some form of 3D Technology. Whether you wear a 3D Glasses red-and-blue comics in the back of a magazine or even in a stunning IMAX 3D Film. In 3D, there is something that inherently captivating and caught up to mesmerized about seeing flat images that come to life in a vibrant three-dimensionality.

In this generation, we actually have generally three (3) types of 3D Glasses such as Anaglyph, polarized and shutter. Each 3D Glasses uses different methods to bring all the flat images on your screen to its life.

  • Anaglyph kind of 3D Glasses is where these glasses utilize a special red and cyan lenses to interpret the flat images. When viewing movies, these lenses work and produce the images you see by color by filtering the layered image and the other lens filters out the cyan that causes the brain to see the picture in 3D. It is actually seeing the same image projected from two different angles and or two entirely different superimposed flat images in the screen. Anaglyph glasses also come in several variations on the red/blue or red/cyan lens including, Magenta/Green, Red/Green and Red/Cyan lenses.
  • Polarized 3D glasses or lenses works depend on how deceiving the people’s eyes just like anaglyph glasses actually do. The Polarized 3D glasses is restricting the light that enters to your eyes, instead when it restricts the light by red and blue colors, the glasses have a yellowish-brown tint. The image coming from the screen also has a role to play. Moreover to the polarization coming from the glasses, the projected images are actually two images that are superimposed on the same screen throughout an orthogonal polarizing filter. The Polarized 3D Glasses that actually have the same filter allow each eye to see two different individual images on the screen. These kinds of 3D Glasses are actually the optimal choice offering for IMAX 3D movies. Furthermore, this kind of glasses is the grey lens glasses that people normally get at the cinema today.
  • As for Shutter 3D Glasses, they are considered as the most advance type of 3D Glasses as of today. While the other two types of 3D Glasses, Anaglyph, and Polarized 3D Glasses, use something called passive 3D, the shutter 3D glasses utilize an active 3D. Shutter 3D Glasses are usually battery-powered and even a USB supported 3D glasses which is more expensive than any traditional 3D glasses. Besides, shutter 3D glasses don’t actually use a filtered image or color to create a three-dimensional effect. Instead, shutter glasses work through LCD screen technology that darkens each lens and alternating the left and right.