Why Are Almost All Movies Just 90-100 Minutes Long?

In over 100 years of movie-making, we’ve seen movies of various genres. We’ve laughed at comedies, cried through romantic dramas, and been on the edge of our seats through suspense thrillers. As different as these movies may be, one factor almost always remains the same. A closer look at movies shows the running time for the majority of movies is around 90 -100 minutes. Let’s dive into the mechanics of film making to see why that is.

Making Movies Worth Your While

In the first few days of film, movies could only be seen at the theatre. People went to the theatres to be entertained and wanting to get something worth their while. Could you imagine driving 30 minutes across town only to watch a 30-minute film? That wouldn’t appeal to anyone! Although now we can watch movies from the comfort of your home with websites like 123movies, back then they didn’t have this luxury.  These running times aren’t only in favor of the moviegoers. If movie times average around 90-100 minutes, theatres can average about 3 to 4 showings a night. The more times a movie can be shown, the more money everyone stands to make.

Attention Spans Only Last So Long

The average attention span of a healthy adult is about 8 seconds. While humans can choose to refocus on the same thing, you can only hold their attention for so long. With this in mind,  movies over 90 -100 minutes can rarely continue to hold the attention of most. Granted, some movies have gone well over the 100-minute mark but may leave their viewers feeling tired. 

Why Not Revisit Your Favorite Movies?

With fmovies, you can watch your favorite movies, again and again, no matter their length. Why not take a look at the running times of your favorite movies? The answer may surprise you.