Why “The Handmaid’s Tale” Is Such A Big Hit

Produced by Hulu, The Handmaid’s Tale is a big hit movie series that received multiple awards. Of 13 nominations under Primetime Emmy Awards, its first season won eight awards which include the Outstanding Drama Series Awards. It also bagged a Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series-Drama, while Elizabeth Moss, the lead actress, received the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

But what made this movie a big hit for the viewers and a winner of multiple recognitions?

The movies series, created by Bruce Miller, has three seasons with not less ten episodes each. The first season was launched on April 26, 2017 with ten episodes; the first and second seasons with 13 episodes each were premiered on April 25, 2018 and June 5, 2019 respectively.

The story focused on the aftermath of the American civil war where the society was facing the downfall of fertility due to societal issues such as sexually transmitted diseases. The society then was organized by leaders who are hungry of power along with the military, who put margins and divisions of new social classes.

Moreover, the feminism was oppressed during this time. The leaders gave limited roles to women, causing them to be prohibited from reading and owning a property. There were also social classes for women which were the handmaids, marthas, aunts, econowives, wives of the commanders and others. They can be recognized by the color of their plain dress because there is a specific color for each class.

The worldwide infertility caused the leaders to use the fallen women who are also called the “handmaids” to bear the children of elite men. These handmaids were ordered to participate in sexual ceremonies done by commanders in front of their wives.

A handmaid has a name derived from the name of the man who owns her. If ever she is transferred from one household to another, her name will be changed. Her named would be the name of the man she serve for, adding the prefix “Of”.

The main character of the story is June Osborne who was played by Elisabeth Moss. June is married to a man named Luke and they had one daughter. The couple committed adultery and they attempted to escape from their place. Luke was able to escape into Canada while their daughter was taken by a wealthy family.

June was caught and became a handmaid and served a couple named Commander Fred and Serena Waterford. June was renamed as Offred, since she was owned by Fred. After all, the movie highlighted Offred whose desire is to be with her family again.