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Why Are Almost All Movies Just 90-100 Minutes Long?

In over 100 years of movie-making, we’ve seen movies of various genres. We’ve laughed at comedies, cried through romantic dramas, and been on the edge of our seats through suspense thrillers. As different as these movies may be, one factor almost always remains the same. A closer look at movies shows the running time for the majority of movies is around 90 -100 minutes. Let’s dive into the mechanics of film making to see why that is.

Making Movies Worth Your While

In the first few days of film, movies could only be seen at the theatre. People went to the theatres to be entertained and wanting to get something worth their while. Could you imagine driving 30 minutes across town only to watch a 30-minute film? That wouldn’t appeal to anyone! Although now we can watch movies from the comfort of your home with websites like 123movies, back then they didn’t have this luxury.  These running times aren’t only in favor of the moviegoers. If movie times average around 90-100 minutes, theatres can average about 3 to 4 showings a night. The more times a movie can be shown, the more money everyone stands to make.

Attention Spans Only Last So Long

The average attention span of a healthy adult is about 8 seconds. While humans can choose to refocus on the same thing, you can only hold their attention for so long. With this in mind,  movies over 90 -100 minutes can rarely continue to hold the attention of most. Granted, some movies have gone well over the 100-minute mark but may leave their viewers feeling tired. 

Why Not Revisit Your Favorite Movies?

With fmovies, you can watch your favorite movies, again and again, no matter their length. Why not take a look at the running times of your favorite movies? The answer may surprise you.

Viewing Movies With 3D Glasses – How Does That Work?

Watching in a movie theater and the reasons why people wear 3D Glasses is to feed different and various images into their eyes. When you wear 3D Glasses watching a movie which is also a 3D Movie then, it displays two images, which the glasses cause one of the images to enter on one eye and the other to enter the other eye.

Most of the people viewing movies, especially children, have been very fascinated and mesmerized by some form of 3D Technology. Whether you wear a 3D Glasses red-and-blue comics in the back of a magazine or even in a stunning IMAX 3D Film. In 3D, there is something that inherently captivating and caught up to mesmerized about seeing flat images that come to life in a vibrant three-dimensionality.

In this generation, we actually have generally three (3) types of 3D Glasses such as Anaglyph, polarized and shutter. Each 3D Glasses uses different methods to bring all the flat images on your screen to its life.

  • Anaglyph kind of 3D Glasses is where these glasses utilize a special red and cyan lenses to interpret the flat images. When viewing movies, these lenses work and produce the images you see by color by filtering the layered image and the other lens filters out the cyan that causes the brain to see the picture in 3D. It is actually seeing the same image projected from two different angles and or two entirely different superimposed flat images in the screen. Anaglyph glasses also come in several variations on the red/blue or red/cyan lens including, Magenta/Green, Red/Green and Red/Cyan lenses.
  • Polarized 3D glasses or lenses works depend on how deceiving the people’s eyes just like anaglyph glasses actually do. The Polarized 3D glasses is restricting the light that enters to your eyes, instead when it restricts the light by red and blue colors, the glasses have a yellowish-brown tint. The image coming from the screen also has a role to play. Moreover to the polarization coming from the glasses, the projected images are actually two images that are superimposed on the same screen throughout an orthogonal polarizing filter. The Polarized 3D Glasses that actually have the same filter allow each eye to see two different individual images on the screen. These kinds of 3D Glasses are actually the optimal choice offering for IMAX 3D movies. Furthermore, this kind of glasses is the grey lens glasses that people normally get at the cinema today.
  • As for Shutter 3D Glasses, they are considered as the most advance type of 3D Glasses as of today. While the other two types of 3D Glasses, Anaglyph, and Polarized 3D Glasses, use something called passive 3D, the shutter 3D glasses utilize an active 3D. Shutter 3D Glasses are usually battery-powered and even a USB supported 3D glasses which is more expensive than any traditional 3D glasses. Besides, shutter 3D glasses don’t actually use a filtered image or color to create a three-dimensional effect. Instead, shutter glasses work through LCD screen technology that darkens each lens and alternating the left and right.

The Best Way To Find A Movie: IMDB’s Movie Finder

We are now at an age where everything is at the tip of our fingertips. Just surf the internet and all you need can be found online. And it is the same for movies. Gone are the days when you need to leave your place and go to movie houses to watch a movie or go to a video rental store to find a CD to watch. Now, you can sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home to enjoy various types of movies. There are a lot of websites that allow you to stream and download movies of all genres.

Internet Movie Database

Knowing what movies have been released and selecting what to watch is something that would have been nearly impossible if not for the internet. Information and knowledge about movies are available and open online for anyone to access. When you get on the internet, you can make use of a movie finder to help you search for a movie or a television show and instantly get information about it which gives you an idea of what it is about. IMDb or Internet Movie Database collects data related to films, television programs, home videos and video games. It has approximately 6.5 million movies and television shows and 10.4 million personalities in its database.

The information IMDb collects include the cast, production crew and personal biographies, plot summaries, trivia, fan and critic reviews, and ratings. With this information, even without watching the movie yet, people are made aware what the plot is and how the viewers rate the movie, which can be a factor in deciding if you would watch it or not.

With the data provided on IMDb, the production crew, which is not recognized as much as the cast of the movies or television show, can be appreciated and be known for the work they have done. It is a fact that only the artists and directors are easily acknowledged by the viewers but with this platform, they are credited for their hard work.

Movie reviews and ratings are important data which you can also find in IMDb. It’s possible that movie critics can be biased and subjective to a certain movie, but knowing what the majority feels about it, gives you an idea if it is to your liking or not.

Finding a Movie

If you don’t know a lot of movies and you are one of those who don’t go out as much and who are not as updated to what is happening with the entertainment world, searching for a movie could be a hard task. But luckily, we have the internet as our movie finder. The best way to find a movie is to search through the list by genres that you like. Once you have the movies for a certain genre, you can filter the list some more by the date of their release or the lead actors and actresses that are casted on the movies.