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Scary With Lots Of Blood And Gore: “Girl On The Third Floor”

Are you in the mood for a good horror movie? Can you stomach a horror movie with a lot of blood and gore? If your answers are yes, then you will definitely enjoy a horror movie called the Girl On The Third Floor. But before you search for the movie discover all the things that you need to know and prepare your heart as well.

How Does The Story Go?

Girl On The Third Floor is a horror movie released in 2019 that was directed by Travis Stevents,  and was written by Stevens, Paul Johnstone and Ben Parker. The main characters were played by actors CM Punk, Trieste Kelly Dunn and Tonya Kay.

The horror movie follows the story of a problematic ex-lawyer named Don Koch who wants to start a new life with his family and leave his past behind. So what he does is buy a run-down house which he plans to fix in the outskirts of Chicago. However, in the process of renovation everything that he tries to fix bleeds and every nook and cranny of the house appears haunted. The family did not know that this house actually has a curse behind it and in order to end this curse they were told that they must find the actual body of the ghost hunting them. But what they did not know is that the only way to drive away the current ghost is for another to take its place.

Blood And Gore In Its Finest

Aside from ghosts, another main feature of this horror film is the blood and gore. Part of the narrative of the story is to fight entities by killing them. So if you are deeply fascinated by movies with a lot of blood and gore, this is the movie for you. Although there are a lot of these kinds of horror movies in the market, it still offers something surprising and different.

All throughout the movie viewing experiences, you will be pulled into the story line, blood, and gore. And the most exciting part of the horror movie is that you will not know exactly how the different characters will survive and you might not have any idea  on how it will end exactly. You might just find yourself surprised at every turn. It is guaranteed that you will really enjoy yourself if you are really into these kinds of horror movies.

A Horror Movie Of A Different Sort: “VFW”

The movie industry has never run out of horror content. All throughout the year horror movies are coming out left and right. But there are still certain horror movies that have managed to break the mold and exceed expectations. One of these horror movies that can be considered different and can even be said to be one of its kind is a movie called VFW.

What Is This All About?

This horror movie tells the story of a group of war veterans who found themselves defending their local VFW post when a teenager runs inside with a bag of stolen drugs with a violent gang on her heels. This group of war veterans were then put into a situation wherein they will need to use everything in their disposal to defend themselves and the teenager with them then all the blood and gore then ensues.

What Makes This Movie Different?

If you are asking how this is different from other horror movies with a similar plot then the answer lies within its simplicity. This horror movie did not need complex storytelling in order to deliver bone-chilling scenes. The premise of the movie is very simple but when you add the gore, the movie just instantly becomes a whole another entity.

All throughout the movie the lighting and mood was utilized very well. The lighting stayed blood-red which just adds another layer to the gore. The overall set made the audience feel like they are within the move and that the characters are moving with them. The sound effects are also very effective, to the point wherein your heartbeat might depend on the sound of drums on the screen. The whole team behind the horror movie has ensured that the top talent in the horror industry were in their corner from the artists to the special effects makeup artists. Another good quality of this movie is that you can watch it anytime, it is not seasonal in a sense that even if it is not Halloween you can still watch the movie and enjoy it.

Overall, as a horror movie this movie actually delivered really well. This is a very suitable movie especially for those you are interested in blood and gore. Yes, it might have similar aspects to other horror stories or movies you might have watched but this does not change the fact that this movie offers something different.